Lodgepole Guard Station

Lodgepole Guard Station

The Lodgepole Guard Station location is in Butte Falls, Oregon
97522. This page provides detailed contact information for this campground location including the campground phone number, office hours, reservation information and driving directions.

If you have any questions about the Lodgepole Guard Station facility, or if you need to reserve a campsite, then call the campground listed below.

Po Box 227

Butte Falls

Phone number


Campground information Butte Falls, Oregon


The guard station at Lodgepole Meadow was built in 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps to replace the original station built in 1911. Lodgepole Meadow was used as a remote guard station for the early Forest Service crews working in the area.

During WWII, Herb and Zella Wright, a husband and wife lookout team, lived throughout the winter high up on the Blue Rock Lookout several miles away watching for enemy aircraft. Lodgepole Guard Station served as their base camp.

Today, Lodgepole Guard Station is a perfect destination for horse enthusiasts, families, couples or large groups looking for a unique camping experience in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.


The meadow offers plenty of room and even terrain for a large group of visitors to spread out, camp, horseback ride, hike, mountain bike or just relax.

Additional horseback riding trails are a short trailer ride away, and include the Alta Lake, Middle Fork and Seven Lakes Trails, all of which lead into the Sky Lakes Wilderness.


Considered to be an outstanding example of Civilian Conservation Corps construction in the Pacific Northwest, the one story cabin offers a large living room, kitchen and bathroom. The cabin is furnished with a full-sized bed with a mattress and a log style couch (with a fold-out bed). The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator and stove, powered by propane fuel, basic cooking utensils, a table and chairs. The bathroom has a flush toilet and shower.

A propane heater provides heat for the cabin. Lighting is not available at the site, so bringing an additional light source is necessary.

Guests will need to bring several of their own supplies, including food, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, towels, dish soap, matches, toilet paper and garbage bags.

A former bunkhouse, tool shed, barn and stable with several horse paddocks, are also on site. There is additional space for tent camping, as the existing yard can accommodate up to three, 4-person, family size (9′ x 12′) tents.

Natural Features

Lodgepole Guard Station is surrounded by 40 acres of cross-fenced pastures dotted with pines, and surrounded by forested rolling hills. The large grassy meadow has a long history of being a major grazing area for horses and cattle, and that tradition continues today.

Diverse landscapes of the Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest provide habitat for a wide-range of wildlife in the area, including spotted owls and bull elk to salamanders and salmon. These species, along with many others, depend on the surrounding undeveloped wilderness, undisturbed wetlands, clean streams, and diverse forests to live.

Nearby Attractions

Visit Crater Lake National Park and learn about its unique natural and cultural history. At a depth of 1,943 feet, Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States and one of the 10 deepest lakes in the world.

Experience 172 miles of diverse river and mountain landscapes along the Rogue-Umpqua National Scenic Byway. Travel from rolling oak-covered hills and towering coniferous forests, to roaring white water rapids and incised inter-canyon lava flows. The highway travels alongside the Upper Rogue and North Umpqua Wild and Scenic Rivers that contain world-class fisheries.

Frequently Asked Questions About Po Box 227 Butte Falls, OR

How do I make a reservation with Lodgepole Guard Station?

To make reservations at Lodgepole Guard Station, you can call the office at 541-865-2700.

Where is Lodgepole Guard Station located?

The Lodgepole Guard Station is located at Po Box 227 in Butte Falls,
. This is the location you will need to go to for camping and information.

Does Lodgepole Guard Station have tent or RV camping?

Lodgepole Guard Station offers both tent and RV camping, but to confirm you will need to call the office at 541-865-2700 to make sure things haven’t changed.

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