Lightning Point Group Campground

Lightning Point Group Campground

The Lightning Point Group Campground location is in San Fernando, California
91342. This page provides detailed contact information for this campground location including the campground phone number, office hours, reservation information and driving directions.

If you have any questions about the Lightning Point Group Campground facility, or if you need to reserve a campsite, then call the campground listed below.

12371 N.Little Tujunga Canyon

San Fernando

Phone number


Campground information San Fernando, California


Lightning Point Group Campground is closed until further notice.

Lightning Point Campground is conveniently located 25 miles southeast of Palmdale and 35 miles north of the San Fernando Valley. The campground is nestled in a forest of Jeffrey pine, scrub oaks and manzanita and can accommodate both groups and equestrian campers.

Hiking on the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail is a favorite pastime for many campers. The trail, which is accessed nearby, weaves all the way from Canada to Mexico with views of six out of the seven ecozones found in North America.


Hiking, bird watching and horseback riding are the biggest attractions for campers. Angeles National Forest boasts 557 miles of hiking and equestrian trails. All trails, excluding the Pacific Crest Trail, allow mountain biking as well.


The peaceful campground has six group campsites that can accommodate a total of 240 campers. Two of the sites are designed for horse camping.

Sites 5 and 6 have six horse corrals each, but horses are not required to reserve these sites.

All sites have group-sized tables. Added features include horse corrals, large gathering areas, and a short and easy nature trail.

No toilets or water is available. Visitors must bring their own portable toilets and take all components with them upon departure.

Natural Features

At 6,100 feet elevation, the area receives average summer temperatures in the low 80s with cool nights.

In Angeles National Forest, vegetation ranges from chaparral and oak at lower elevations to pine at higher altitudes. Elevation ranges from 1,200 to 10,000 feet of low canyons and tall mountain peaks.

Nearby Attractions

Hop in the car and drive along the Angeles Crest Highway, a scenic byway that meanders through oak thickets, chaparral, high desert landscapes and pine tree forests.

Frequently Asked Questions About 12371 N.Little Tujunga Canyon San Fernando, CA

How do I make a reservation with Lightning Point Group Campground?

To make reservations at Lightning Point Group Campground, you can call the office at 818-899-1900.

Where is Lightning Point Group Campground located?

The Lightning Point Group Campground is located at 12371 N.Little Tujunga Canyon in San Fernando,
. This is the location you will need to go to for camping and information.

Does Lightning Point Group Campground have tent or RV camping?

Lightning Point Group Campground offers both tent and RV camping, but to confirm you will need to call the office at 818-899-1900 to make sure things haven’t changed.

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