Delta National Forest – Camping

Delta National Forest – Camping

The Delta National Forest – Camping location is in Rolling Fork, Mississippi
39159. This page provides detailed contact information for this campground location including the campground phone number, office hours, reservation information and driving directions.

If you have any questions about the Delta National Forest – Camping facility, or if you need to reserve a campsite, then call the campground listed below.

68 Frontage Rd.

Rolling Fork

Phone number


Campground information Rolling Fork, Mississippi


The Delta National Forest glimmers like a great, green jewel surrounded by lazy rivers and spreading agricultural fields. The Delta is a large, contiguous block of bottomland hardwood forest, seasonally flooded timber, and small sloughs draining into the Big and Little Sunflower Rivers in the Yazoo Basin of the Mississippi River. It is the only entirely bottomland hardwood ecosystem in the National Forest System.


Enjoy camping, wildlife viewing, hiking, ATV riding, horseback riding, bird and butterfly watching, canoeing, kayaking, hunting, and fishing all within the Delta National Forest.


Facilities are spread throughout the Forest. There are four restroom facilities located along FS Roads 715, 717, 720, and 707. All sites are primitive and potable water is available at the Delta Ranger District work center on FSR 703.

Natural Features

The Delta National Forest lies in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley and is surrounded by bayous, rivers, and lakes. The terrain is relatively flat, with majestic Bald Cypress trees and other hardwoods.

Nearby Attractions

Nearby attractions within an hour’s drive includes Highway 61, the Mississippi Blues Trail; the Mississippi Mound Trail; Jim Henson Muppet Museum; Vicksburg Military Park; Theodore Roosevelt National Wildlife Refuge Complex and Holt Collier National Wildlife Refuge; B. B. King Museum; and a host of cultural experiences.


This location is unstaffed. To speak with our main office for general information, please call: (662) 873-6256.

Frequently Asked Questions About 68 Frontage Rd. Rolling Fork, MS

How do I make a reservation with Delta National Forest – Camping?

To make reservations at Delta National Forest – Camping, you can call the office at 662-873-6256.

Where is Delta National Forest – Camping located?

The Delta National Forest – Camping is located at 68 Frontage Rd. in Rolling Fork,
. This is the location you will need to go to for camping and information.

Does Delta National Forest – Camping have tent or RV camping?

Delta National Forest – Camping offers both tent and RV camping, but to confirm you will need to call the office at 662-873-6256 to make sure things haven’t changed.

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