Damsite And Spillway Recreation Area

Damsite And Spillway Recreation Area

The Damsite And Spillway Recreation Area location is in Ford City, Pennsylvania
16226. This page provides detailed contact information for this campground location including the campground phone number, office hours, reservation information and driving directions.

If you have any questions about the Damsite And Spillway Recreation Area facility, or if you need to reserve a campsite, then call the campground listed below.

114 Park Main Rd

Ford City

Phone number


Campground information Ford City, Pennsylvania


Authorized by the Flood Control Acts of 1936 and 1938, Crooked Creek Lake is one of 16 flood control projects in the Pittsburgh District. An important link in a system of flood control projects, Crooked Creek provides flood protection for the lower Allegheny and Ohio rivers. The construction cost of over $4 million appears small when compared to the giant saving which have resulted. Since its completion in 1940, the project has prevented flood damages estimated to be in excess of $548 million.

Crooked creek also stores water and releases it downstream during dry periods to improve water quality and quantity for domestic and industrial use, navigation, recreation, aesthetics and aquatic life.


The lake and its miles of scenic shoreline provide unlimited opportunities for water-based recreation. A boat launch with ample trailer parking is available for boating and waterskiing enthusiasts. Swimmers and sunbathers will especially appreciate the lake’s sandy, peninsula beach.

The great variety and abundance of fish found in the lake have lured many fishermen to its waters. Crooked Creek Lake has yielded many fine catches of bass, muskie, sunfish and crappie.

Picnicking is well liked at Crooked Creek. There are several picnic areas maintained by the Corps that are provided with tables and charcoal grills. There are also six picnic shelters with picnic tables and grills.


Both Constitution and Freedom Pavilion are located in the Spillway Recreation Area. The Spillway Recreation area features a playground (closest to Constitution) two volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, a basketball court and a ball field. Between the pavilions is a restroom facility with flush toilets and running water.

Natural Features

Nestled among the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania, Crooked Creek Lake is an ideal setting for year round outdoor activities. Located only 30 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers invites you to discover the scenic beauty of the lake and surrounding countryside at the Crooked Creek project.

Nearby Attractions

The long distance hiker will enjoy the 141-mile Baker Trail which crosses Crooked Creek Lake on its course through western Pennsylvania. The Crooked Creek Environmental Learning Center is operated by the Armstrong Center for Community Learning. It is used by groups and agencies interested in environmental stewardship and offers a variety of educational programs. To learn more, please visit:

Frequently Asked Questions About 114 Park Main Rd Ford City, PA

How do I make a reservation with Damsite And Spillway Recreation Area?

To make reservations at Damsite And Spillway Recreation Area, you can call the office at 724-763-3161.

Where is Damsite And Spillway Recreation Area located?

The Damsite And Spillway Recreation Area is located at 114 Park Main Rd in Ford City,
. This is the location you will need to go to for camping and information.

Does Damsite And Spillway Recreation Area have tent or RV camping?

Damsite And Spillway Recreation Area offers both tent and RV camping, but to confirm you will need to call the office at 724-763-3161 to make sure things haven’t changed.

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